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Engneeing Plans
Engineering Plans

We provide structural engineering plans, structural calculations and civil engineering plans. All plans are certified by a Washington State licensed Professional Engineer (PE), for the following:

  • new residential and commercial buildings

  • alterations/additions of existing residential and commercial buildings

  • land development including grading, drainage and stormwater plans

  • retaining walls

  • temporary structures and deep foundations

Structural Inspections
Structural Inspections

We provide structural inspections for residential and commercial buildings of all kinds. Our inspection reports are certified by a Washington State licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and include maintenance and structural safety recommendations.

Construction Inspections
Construction Inspections

We provide inspection services for residential and commercial projects in the construction phase. In addition, we provide Construction Specifications review and critique services. Our inspectors are Washington State licensed Professional Engineers (PE)

Consulting Services
Consulting Services

We provide engineering expertise in the areas of:

  • reinforced concrete design

  • structural steel design

  • conventional wood design

  • condition assessment of old buildings

  • retaining walls

  • earthquake/seismic evaluations

  • materials strength and testing

  • non-destructive testing

  • dynamics and non-linear analysis using Finite Element Methods

  • explosions and impact simulations/analysis

Home Remodel

We provide residential remodeling design and permitting services for the following:

  • kitchen remodel

  • house additions/alterations

  • basement additions/alterations

  • patio additions or remodels

  • seismic improvements/retrofit

  • wood decks

  • as-builts

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